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Welcome to College Credit Now (CCN) with LPL外围网址. Our purpose is to provide an affordable, college-level educational opportunity to help high school students succeed in their future higher education endeavors. Based on Catholic teaching, we provide an opportunity for students from all religious and educational backgrounds to develop as a “whole person”, with strong academic background, 道德行为, community responsibility and an understanding of the world around them. Click here for the 2023-2024 handbook.


Admission Requirements 

High school students may enroll in College Credit Now if they:

  1. Are classified as junior or senior by the standard where the student attends high school. 
  2. Meet the placement score and prerequisite requirements for each course. 


Dates and Deadlines


Partnership Agreement Signed
Partnership Agreement Signed (Christian Halls)
Course and schedule approval deadline 08/15/2023
Registration deadline for Fall courses 08/21/2023
Last day to withdraw 11/17/2023
Fall courses grades due 12/17/2023
Course and schedule approval deadline 12/01/2023
Registration deadline for Spring courses 01/15/2024
Last day to withdraw 04/19/2024
Full year and Spring grades due 05/12/2024

Enrollment Procedure 

  1. 学生 must complete the admissions application for Donnelly College online. 
    1. 学生 will register as a 新申请人 and then complete the application, selecting the College Credit Now (CCN) option when prompted.
  2. 学生/counselors will send ACT test scores to, if students have not taken the ACT, they will be referred to the testing center to take the Accuplacer, in order to place them in the correct course. Transcripts will be required if previous AP/College level courses are a prerequisite of the desired course.
  3. 学生 must complete the LPL外围网址 注册表单 and have their high school counselor’s signature to be enrolled. The signed 注册表单 can be submitted via email to
  4. 学生 will receive their bill through the LPL外围网址 Business Office. 学生 will have the opportunity to pay via check or fill out a credit card authorization form. The payment is due by the end of the Add/Drop period, which can be found on the 校历. Questions about billing? LPL外围网址 the Business Office at 913-621-8740 or
  5. Social security number must be included to receive a 1098-T at the end of the year. 学生 who do not have a social security number on file will not be issued a 1098-T retroactively.


付款 & 学费 

学费 for College Credit Now (CCN) courses are charged at the rate of $75 per credit hour and must be paid before the course begins.

Social security numbers must be included to receive a 1098-T at the end of the year. 学生 who do not have a social security number on file will not be issued a 1098-T retroactively.  





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